I'm Lute

2010/02/28 21:29
Hello~I have come to see you again~^^
My name is Lute. Of course.
I'd like to apologize that I didn't explain clearly in the English blog last time. Things are really confused for me. I had to figure it out and tell you then.
I didn't change my name "Lute" into "Lutte". It is still the same. I didn't change it. I'm sorry for confusing you.
However, for me, the name is the most beautiful name in the world. And no one can replace it.
Well, I did named another longer one.(It's still confused.)
But don't worry! I think the name "Lute" could be related to this one. Maybe.
I don't think it will be too complicated. Is it?
I mean, you know, some English names have shorter ones as nicknames.
For example, who named "Elizabeth" is also called "Lisa" or "Liz". Even "Betsy" can also be the nickname of "Elizabeth".
A girl who named "Jennifer" can also be called "Jenny".
So, I'll introduce myself again now.
My name is Lute. And there is no last name because it's not necessary.
The longer name is "Bluebette". But the name "Lute" is much often used for.
Just call me Lute when you meet me.
That's it! See you later!

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